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    Buku Pegangan Siswa Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 9 Kurikulum Uploaded by Trisno Rights Reserved. Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Buku Pegangan Siswa Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 9 Kurikulum Uploaded by Dafi Rights Reserved. Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Kurikulum menyadari peran penting Bahasa Inggris tersebut dalam menyampaikan gagasan melebihi batas negara Indonesia serta untuk menyerap .

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    Buku Guru Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 Kurikulum 2013 Pdf

    ii Kelas IX SMP/MTs Hak Cipta pada Kementerian Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan Dilindungi Undang-Undang Disklaimer: Buku ini. Disklaimer: Buku ini merupakan buku guru yang dipersiapkan Pemerintah implementasi Kurikulum Bahasa Inggris Kelas XI ini dapat diselesaikan. .. c. Can d. I'll do. 9. Aisya: “I am so thirsty." Annie: a. How about b. What about. Bahasa Inggris Kelas VII SMP Kurikulum carefully Bahasa Inggris When English Rings a Bell Activity 9 Let's see the language.

    Bahasa Inggris Studi dan Pengajaran I. Judul II. Penelaah : Emi Emilia dan Raden Safrina. Makin datarnya dunia dengan perkembangan teknologi informasi dan komunikasi menyebabkan pergaulan tidak dapat lagi dibatasi oleh batas-batas negara. Kurikulum menyadari peran penting bahasa Inggris tersebut dalam menyampaikan gagasan melebihi batas negara Indonesia serta untuk menyerap gagasan dari luar yang dapat dipergunakan untuk kemaslahatan bangsa dan negara sebagai akibat datarnya dunia. Kurikulum dirancang untuk menyongsong model pembelajaran abad Di dalamnya terdapat pergeseran pembelajaran dari peserta didik diberi tahu menjadi peserta didik mencari tahu dari berbagai sumber belajar melampaui batas guru dan satuan pendidikan. Peran bahasa Inggris dalam model pembelajaran seperti itu menjadi sangat sentral mengingat lebih banyak sumber belajar dalam bahasa Inggris dibanding semua sumber belajar dalam semua bahasa lainnya digabungkan. Penyajiannya adalah dengan menggunakan pendekatan pembelajaran berbasis teks, baik lisan maupun tulis, dengan menempatkan bahasa Inggris sebagai sarana berkomunikasi. Pemahaman terhadap jenis, kaidah dan konteks suatu teks ditekankan sehingga memudahkan peserta didik menangkap makna yang terkandung dalam suatu teks maupun menyajikan gagasan dalam bentuk teks yang sesuai sehingga mudah dipahami orang lain. Sebagai bagian dari Kurikulum yang menekankan pentingnya keseimbangan kompetensi sikap, pengetahuan, dan keterampilan, kemampuan berbahasa Inggris yang dituntut dibentuk melalui pembelajaran berkelanjutan: dimulai dengan meningkatkan kompetensi pengetahuan tentang jenis, kaidah, dan konteks suatu teks, dilanjutkan dengan kompetensi keterampilan menyajikan suatu teks tulis dan lisan baik terencana maupun spontan dengan pelafalan dan intonasi yang tepat, dan bermuara pada pembentukan sikap kesantunan berbahasa.

    Put the verbs in the correct forms. Collecting Information Lina: She make a lot of cup-cakes for the Papua community gathering in the community hall last night.

    I come to your house last night to return your calculator. I call you around six to remind you to bring my dictionary to school.

    Buku Siswa Bahasa Inggris Kelas VIII SMP/MTs K13

    I not. I water the front yard. I think they just. When I get home from swimming yesterday. I pay good attention while Kak Kemal explain how to do that to us. I just. I need it to make fried noodle. So did my sister. My grandmother fall asleep there when she read a story to my sister. I cut my thumb when I was peeling the manggoes for our lunch. To state an action in progress at a certain point of time in the past.

    Now I know that the verb for an action in progress consists of two words. To state an action in progress now.. BE in the right form for the subject and the main verb in the last column.. When I saw her in the canteen. Now it is still raining hard. It was raining hard when I got here. Associating You have learned to state actions in progress now at the moment of speaking and at a certain point of time in the past. Now you will learn to state actions in progress at a certain point of time in the future.

    Maybe when I leave the town tomorrow afternoon it will be raining again. I have never seen the sun. Since I got to Manado three days ago. He has been crying the whole night. Associating Udin is very busy with his homework. I think when I pass his shop on my way home from school this afternoon. She was having a meeting.

    When I passed by his shop last night. I went to her office during the morning break yesterday. Will he still be working on his homework when everybody is ready to go to bed? When I went to bed at 10 pm. Now he is still doing his homework. I hope he will not be crying again when I get home this afternoon. When I told him to go to the shop. There may be something wrong with the baby. At exactly the same time yesterday. He is very consistent! The road workers have been working night and day to make the roads ready for the holiday season.

    The first two have been done for you. Associating You know that in each statement above the speaker provides an explanation about a fact by stating that exactly the same action is in progress now. When he saw her in the canteen. It was raining hard when she got there three days ago. Maybe when she leaves the town tomorrow afternoon it will be raining again. Can you come and help me to lift the table. It rain again and again. Associating All the verbs between brackets in the sentences below refer to actions in progress at present.

    But when I go there for a short tour last December.

    Put the verbs in the correct forms according to the contexts. It be cloudy everyday. I know that the sun usually shines brightly in Ambon. After almost three weeks with a lot of school work. I fry bananas. They play football in the rain. I was surprised. Next week I will have no time to play around because I watch all his matches. Associating solo singer competition. The thief broke in when everyone sleep very soundly.

    When I wake up because of the noise. Two days ago when I go to his house to ask him to cut my hair. Are you coming? My faher tie the thief to the chair. More than 10 people from our class are going to go jogging up the Cimacan hill next Sunday. At this moment. A niece of mine celebrate her 15th birthday.

    Last year I not. Everybody keeps talking and laughing. My aunts and uncles still. My uncle is a very good badminton player.

    I understand I should not disturb him now because he prepare for the match. My aunt say he practise badminton in the sports hall. I attend her party. What you will be doing to celebrate your 17th birthday 4. For each situation below. What everybody in your family may be doing now 2.

    What you will not be doing to celebrate your graduation from the junior high school Hand-write your sentences on a piece of paper.

    Two examples are given to you. Discuss your sentences with them. What everybody in my family may be doing now 1 Maybe my father is ploughing the farm. In your journal, write your reflection about your learning this chapter. Here is an old song. The song sends a message that we have to be optimistic in life. Say every line loudly, clearly, and correctly. First, repeat after me. Que sera, sera Will I be rich? What will be, will be I tell them tenderly.

    When I grew up and fell in love Que sera, sera I asked my sweetheart Whatever will be, will be What lies ahead? Copy the song in your note book. At the same time, talk about the lines that you find are interesting in your group. While you are writing, say the words loudly, clearly, and correctly Use a dictionary. When she was a child. The song is about the writer in three stages of her life: And her mother answered.

    Fill in the blank spaces with the lines from the song. When she grew up. And she answers. It will even be more interesting if you can sing it with a musical instrument like the guitar. Communicating In fact the song is very popular and many people can sing it. Ask someone who can sing the song to teach you to sing it. March In this chapter I will learn to communicate past happening which is related to the present moment.

    Underline the actions the people have done sudah or have not done belum. Can you tell me how she has come to the orphan home? Some past actions or happenings are stated in relation to situations at the present moment.

    She is not the oldest of all the children there. Her grandfather died even before she was born. What I know is that she was an only child. Her father died when she was a baby. They routinely visit her once a month. She has even shown her great care for other needy children like her.

    They have made handicrafts and sold them. It consists of all the orphans there who already sit in senior and junior high schools. He has put Riri there so that she can get better care and she can also go to a good school. I thought that the kids in orphan homes were sad kids who needed our help. Early this month they went to some poor families in the neighbourhood and gave each family a gift containing sugar.

    The program has run for almost two years now. They have used the profit to help street children and poor families. As you see. But they help other people instead. To celebrate the 15th birthday of the orphanage. He is a scavenger. She has lived in the orphanage for six years. Riri has been an orphan. Early this month they gave each family a gift containing sugar.

    Riri is very caring. She is an active member of the charity group of the orphanage founded early last year. For eight years. The first two sentences have been done for you. The incomplete paragraph below is about Riri. He has five children. They have donated a lot of money. They are regular donors to the orphan home. I went there three times last year. I went there in January and last week. What have you done there? This year I have been there twice. Last year they donated a white-board and 5 English-Indonesian dictionaries.

    I came here in Conversation 1: I have talked to Riri three times. I have talked only to some of them. But we have talked about it. My father died when I was a baby. The first two interactions have been done for you. Fill in the blank spaces with suitable questions or answers.

    The question-and-answer interactions between Dayu and Riri below are incomplete. My grandfather died even before I was born. They visit me routinely once a month. Collecting Information Conversation 2: He has five children and his house is very small. Last year we gave thirty street children twenty thousand rupiahs each. I have joined it since it was founded early last year. Collecting Information Riri: Now I know that the verb for an action that we have done or we have not done consists of two words.

    HAVE in the right form for the subject and the main verb in the last column. For example.. In questions. It was really fun. They were very happy too. Hand-write your work on a piece of paper to copy the table. Pay close attention to the statement of time related to each action or happening in the last column. Below are 19 sentences about past actions or happenings in the first conversation.

    I have visited the orphanage five Up to now times so far. Statements from the first Moment related to the conversation action 1. Up to now Associating 8. I have met Riri three times. My sister has just been to an Up to now orphanage. I have never been to an Up to now orphanage even once. My sister has come there twice to teach the young children to read Up to now and write.

    Our class has never had a program for children in an orphan Up to now home. Last week her class went to the orphan home on Jalan Patimura Last week to bring them some new books for the library.

    Full text of "Kelas 07 SMP Bahasa Inggris Siswa "

    Although I have been there five Up to now times. She has been very busy lately. I think Riri is the most interesting Up to now orphan I have ever known.

    The first two items have been done for you. In the last column. Statements from the first Moment related to the action conversation 1. They both have passed away. The program has run for Early last year. I think I can learn a lot from them. Hi Lina. I did. I want to know them better. The first conversation has been done for you. I heard that you visit Cinta Kasih orphan home yesterday? They are happy kids.

    Good on you. Associating All the verbs between brackets in the sentences below refer to actions or happenings in the past.

    I heard that you visited Cinta Kasih orphan home yesterday? I think she was completely alone. This year they visit Nani 5 times. Thanks for reminding me about that. That sounds a good idea. Conversation 5: So that you will not forget again. I completely forget. Good to hear that. The beach there is so beautiful and quiet. Associating Conversation 2: Have you?

    He and his family often visits Nani. It turns out that they are happy and smart. I never. Conversation 4: I go there last year. Conversation 3: Yesterday you promise to call her to tell her where she could download material for handicrafts.

    I feel sorry for her. Conversation 6: Associating Beni: Not only that. So far we be busy thinking only about ourselves. Before we left. I think we should do something like that. They help other kids. I tell them I would visit them again soon. I want to keep my promise. Discuss 1 what you have done or 2 what you have not done in the three situations below. I am useful or I am not useful for other people.

    I know a lot or I know very little or I do not know about my neighbours. The situations: One example is given to you. Now I can speak English or I can speak English a little. I am prepared or I am not prepared for my final exam. Communicating 1. I tried to talk to Budi in English. This is what you may write: Now I can speak English a little because I have tried to use English with my teacher and friends. IX I will learn to communicate reasons. I walk to school.

    They drive too fast. Many pedestrians get accidents because they do not cross the road carefully or because they walk too close to the traffic. My father also rides on his bicycle to work. In big cities there are traffic jams everywhere because there are too many motor vehicles on the roads.

    Because he does not go to office by motorcycle. It takes longer to go from one place to another now because there are traffic jams everywhere.

    My father is rarely sick because he goes to his office by bike. Sometimes I go to school on my bicycle too. Our environment is not good for our health anymore. People get sick easily because the air is dirty. According to Lina. Udin is saying that the roads are not safe now. According to Udin. To state a reason. One of you will state the fact with the reason. Student 1: Student 2: In other words.

    This is your hand-written work. Say every sentence loudly. First study the examples and practice presenting them. It has just won the Adipura award. Collecting Information You will listen to the students telling us very good things about their town. To complete each sentence. Collecting Information 1. Before there were not many trees so it was hot and dry.

    Before the people did not care. Every body in town is happy to take part in it because the government planned the program together with them or. On the Independence Day his town got the Adipura award because it is the cleanest town in the province.

    Collecting Information Look closely at each picture. Jufri is trying to stop smoking but he says it is not easy. He started smoking a long time ago when he was in SMP. He knows it is not easy to cut down on cigarettes but he keeps trying. He often has bad coughs and gets sick easily. She can manage her time very well.

    She does the chores and takes care of her younger sisters and brother all the time. But she can always finish her homework. He is only 15 years old now. They are clean and shiny. They are strong but they are very heavy and not easy to move. We lost the match with Class 9B so we did not even go to the final.

    Maybe our team does not have good team work. The chairs. He gives us many things to do and many texts to read. Dede English is easier to learn. They are useful and interesting. But with Mr. I think he is the best English teacher. He keeps trying to smoke fewer but. Jufri have been done for you.. It is not easy for Mr. Complete the sentences with the information according to the texts above. The following sentences are about Mr Jufri. The following sentences are about Mr Jufri..

    Jufri to stop smoking because he started smoking a long time ago when he was in SMP. He smokes a lot so. Four sentences about Mr. He keeps trying to smoke fewer but he knows it is not easy.. Now he believes that smoking is not healthy. Jufri to stop smoking because.. He smokes a lot so he often has bad coughs and gets sick easily He cannot have a driving license now because The following sentences are about Saskia The English teacher is Mr.

    Saskia is the eldest in her family so Our class has the best football players of our school but He does not have a driving license so. Dede so. The students have to work hard in his class but.

    She has so many things to do at home but. The furniture in the classroom is very strong because.. We did not even go to the final this year because She can finish her homework because..

    Maybe our team have lost the matches because Donny is only 15 years old but. He can ride on a motorcycle because. To many students English is difficult so.

    The following sentences are about the furniture in the classroom. The following sentences are about Donny They are very heavy so.. They enjoy doing the tasks because. The following sentences are about learning English with Mr. To state a contrast Now I know that to state a reason. Hand- write your answers. Then present them to the class orally.

    For example. Study the examples below.. Use the punctuation marks correctly Our football team does not have good team work. Two examples have been done for you.. Jufri started smoking when he was very young. Dede is a good English teacher. Before the people did not care.. The sky in the village is clear because there is no air pollution.. Reflecting Work in your group. Donny is only 15 years old. Whereas the doors were actually elevator doors.

    The burner is then put on top of the poles. Next, the cables are connected to the burner frame. The cables also go under the basket in order to hold everything together. After this, the hoses from the full gas tanks must be connected to the burner so that pilot can test it.

    Next, the mouth of the balloon is held open by two people while it is filled with cold air from the fan until it is quite fat and tight. Now for the difficult bit. This is so that the balloon slowly stands up. When the it is ready to go, a bit more air is heated up the in the balloon.

    This results in the air in the balloon to be hot enough to get the balloon to rise off the ground Discussion Euthanasia Euthanasia is the act of intentionally causing the painless death of a sick person. Now the question: Do you think it is right for a physician to refuse to participate in active euthanasia? This includes all forms of euthanasia-active and passive. We are not in a position to determine the worth of a life. Every person has a soul-it is up to God to determine when he will take that soul from the shell that is the human body.

    Physicians absolutley have the choice of NOT participating, in fact it should not be legal!!! Now if you put someone to death who was sick, or heck they dont even have to be sick, but you would look at your self everyday and be reminded of it. If people want to die they can commit suicide in their own homes, makin someone else do it is not going to make it any better morally. Euthanasia is a sad, sad deal, please try to stop it. I believe if the person wants to die to end their life they should have the right to choose.

    Yes the person does have the right to kill him or herself. BUt the authourity stands in the way of that. If we have the right at least in the U. S to do whatever we want to with our lives, whether it be rich and famous or an alcoholic crack head, why is it that we can not decide when our life should end? It is ours, if we can kill the life that grows inside us, we should be allowed to also destroy the life that harbors others.

    Especially if that person is in pain and requests that some end their suffering. Belibis Hotel. A five star hotel with a city and beach view. Promotion Package during week days. Only Rp Free to use our facilities such as: Based on the advertisement above, the correct statement is The fare is Rp , The package is included two time breakfast. Swimming pool is not included to the package. Put the slices of papaya, pineapple, red syrup together.

    Next , do the same to the remaining sour soup, vanilla syrup and some ice cubes. Finally , pour the juice into some glasses, the white juice is on the bottom and the red juice is on the top.

    To make tropical fruit juice we need ….. Ice cubes, vanilla syrup, red syrup, apples and papaya.

    235581095 Buku Pegangan Guru Bahasa Inggris Kelas VIII SMP MTs K13

    Ice cubes, grapes, red syrup, apples and papaya. Ice cubes, mango , red syrup, apples and papaya. Ice cubes, vanilla syrup, red syrup, pineaple and papaya. My white shirt is stained ternoda. Try my hints. First, put a paper towel under the stain. Then, spray the stain with hair spray. After that, rub the stain gently with a clean cloth. Continue rubbing until the stain is completely gone.

    Are you sure? Thanks so much, Nia. The topic of dialog between Nur and Nia is …. How to overcome the stained shirt. Nur is not in good mood. My shirt is stained. Towel is under stained. To make roast corn you will need: Some ears of sweet corn, 5 or more table spoons of margarine, 2 cloves of garlic, a pinch of salt and you could add some chilies if you want them to taste hot.

    First, you have to peel the corn skin. Second , you have to grind the garlic, salt, and chili if desired.

    Third, you have to mix the margarine with the ground garlic mixture. Fourth, brush the corn with the margarine mixture and roast on a grill until a bit burned. Fifth, brush the corn with the margarine mixture again and roast until cooked. Finally, Serve hot or warm.

    Based on the text, after we mix margarine with ground garlic mixture, We should ….

    Serve the corn. It is a reptile, a cold-blooded animal. It is diurnal, most active during the day. The Komodo Dragon is a fast runner; it can run up to 11 mph 18 kph. It is also a good tree climber and swimmer. It is in danger of extinction because of habitat lost.

    Its life span is about 20 years. Komodo Dragons live on islands in Indonesia, including the island of Komodo. They live in hot, humid, grassy lowlands and in rainforests. The Komodo Dragon is about 9 feet 2.

    It has large jaws, four short legs, and fivetoed feet with sharp claws. The tail is longer than the body. It senses chemicals with a long, yellow, forked tongue.

    The topic of the text above is …. Komodo Dragon is cold blooded animal. Komodo Dragon is a fast runner. Komodo Dragon is a good tree climber. According to the text above, Komodo Dragon live in a …….

    The communicative objective of procedure text is …. The communicative objective of report text is …. The generic structure of Procedure text is …. Title, Materials, The steps. Orientation, Complication, Resolution.

    Identification, Description. General classification, Description. The generic structure of Report text is …. The advertisement above means ………. The Vice Principle hopes class IX students come to school at The Vice Principle will hold the meeting at


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