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    Kimberly Snyder Pdf

    Celebrity nutritionist Kimberly Snyder, New York Times best-selling author and yogi (who includes Reese Witherspoon among her high-profile. Free Download eBook: The beauty detox solution PDF by Kimberly Snyder.C.N, Get it now.. happy reading. Free Download eBook: The Beauty Of Detox Foods PDF by Kimberly Snyder C.N, Get it now.. happy reading.- authorSTREAM Presentation.

    Kimberly Snyder and her two books came highly recommended to me by a friend, and I was in no way disappointed. She does offer weekly meal plans and recipes at the end of the book for those who want to follow a strict diet plan, but the majority of the book is just outlining major principles of eating for optimal digestion. I already figured this one out with my day dairy-free experiment , but Kim reiterates that no one should be consuming dairy. She lists the following reasons: Gluten, the protein in wheat, rye and barley, can cause toxic reactions in our bodies that trigger our immune system and cause inflammation of the intestinal tract.

    Today I had two bananas, a mango I get them by the case from a guy that sells boxed fruit on the street a few blocks away , and some organic blueberries.

    Some other days I'll eat a big bowl of pineapple. I'm a huge fruit eater. I did have pretty severe Candida [ed note: But from taking my probiotics daily and balancing my system, I now handle fruit sugar really well and feel great eating a lot of fruit. I will emphasize though that if someone feels chronically bloated from fruit, their system may be compromised and needs to be rebuilt, or they may be practicing bad food combining.

    I often have meetings with clients in there, so it's just easy. Or sometimes, I grab food with my smoothies if I know I have a busy day ahead. It's a delish combo! There's avocado in the kale salad dressing, but on days like today when I'm super hungry, I'll top it with an extra half of an avocado.

    An hour or two later, I had the Kimberly's Special Smoothie, which is based in coconut water, acai, banana, and bee pollen.

    I ordered it with double the bee pollen, plus maca and raw cacao, because…well, I love chocolate! It's my form of an energy milkshake. It rounds out the afternoon and makes me feel awesome, energized, and perfectly full. If I'm home, I'll make one of my recipes—usually one of the more simple ones—or just bake some mushrooms and veggies and throw them on a salad and call it a day. Today I'm having a girls' night with three of my girls, and we ordered vegan Thai from Bodhi Thai on Pico.

    We ordered the papaya salad, yellow curry, pad thai and basil-chili stirfry with broccoli, plus brown rice. I discovered that in countries like Ethiopia they use raw shea butter on their skin, which comes from a native nut and is scraped out fresh. It furthered my be- lief that pure and natural moisturizers are far superior to synthetic, petroleum-based ones, which most women in the Western world use. Diet issues aside, I realized that with our plethora of eye creams, ser- ums, sunscreens and thick, heavy night creams, American women are suffocating their skin.

    I decided right then that I would take the cue from African women and use natural skin products that truly nourish the skin and allow it to breathe. When I came back from my world journey, it was not easy for me to integrate back into American life.

    I was trying to put it all together and figure out how to combine my passion for skin care, health and nutrition. The first thing I did was get a job at one of the biggest beauty companies in the world. I wanted an inside glimpse into the beauty world to see if I could use my experiences there.

    But big cor- porate beauty was definitely not for me. I did, however, get a great education about the industry, and I learned some tricks of the trade that provided me with a foundation from which to make my dream of running my own company a reality.

    I pursued my insatiable thirst for natural health and beauty in- formation to further the teachings I learned abroad. I decided to start a small beauty company, which took a few years to get up and run- ning—and a whole lot of patience and work! During this time, I worked at various jobs to support myself, including as a yoga instruct- or I still teach, because I love it so much!

    With my first venture, I learned the ropes of running my own busi- ness. It was a great learning experience. But soon I was pulled in the direction of a much larger mission in life: I started a health and beauty blog www. Throughout the book I share stor- ies of some of my actual clients so that you can see the sorts of incred- ible results this program achieves. Of course, their real names have been changed for privacy.

    It was clear from the response to my blog and counseling that there was an enormous hunger out there for the information I was sharing, and it became clear to me that I needed to do something to help people on an even larger scale. It was this hunger that was the true in- spiration for this book. It also became clear to me that as part of this mission I needed to create a lifestyle company that would encompass all aspects of health, beauty, nutrition and wellness—a community de- voted to sharing information and ideas.

    The inspiration for KS 1Life was born in one powerful moment: One evening I just stood staring at all the mediocre products in there, forgetting what half of them were for and not trusting those that were familiar, and I realized I had the knowledge and the ability to create amazing beauty products that would really work by incorporating the best of nature and technology.

    Then I moved to the kitchen and looked at my shelves, reflecting on the same thing: The Beauty Detox Solution and KS 1Life reflect the heart and soul of the lessons I learned during my world journey and studies, and my passion for health.

    I want our largest organ, the skin, to breathe, and I also want women to look to the internal root causes of beauty issues to fix them, rather than mask these problems with makeup or prescription drugs. We can eat and cleanse our way to profound beauty. The right products can greatly support this, but the right diet is critical to the overall program.

    From my three-year world journey and subsequent years of study, I discovered the truth about health and beauty: The answer is so simple: By keeping to the simple principles that I outline for you in this book, you will reach new levels of beauty and energy that will amaze you. You can look better in your thirties, forties and fifties than you did in your twenties and thirties, and feel better.

    In Part 1 of this book I outline the broad concepts of detoxing for beauty, and in Part 2 I outline the actual phases, meal plans and re- cipes for you to create your own beauty solution. There is one phase to fit everyone.

    I did not design the Beauty Detox Solution to be a three-step program. If you feel great as a Blos- soming Beauty, then you might want to stay there. This is not a short-term diet, but rather a lifestyle program.

    Whenever I start working with a new client, before I make any di- etary changes whatsoever, I always begin by explaining the concepts in Part 1. Understanding the concepts in Part 1 is critical to making this program work for you, especially since a lot of the concepts may be new to you.

    Reading all the information in Part 1 is essential to follow- ing the Beauty Detox and will ensure you see the results you want. The information in this book is different from that in any other diet or detox book you may read. Some of the principles we will discuss have not yet trickled into mainstream health and nutrition practices, but the concepts presented here are based on the sound, thorough research and work of many doctors, scientists and research institutions.

    I have cited numerous studies and specific research throughout for your reference, so that you can see how the science supports the program. Keep an open mind as you read, and remember that many tenets of health that are widely accepted now—like how smoking cigarettes in- creases your odds of getting lung cancer—were not always mainstream ideas. Set aside the myriad of confusing and conflicting health con- cepts that you have internalized from various media, health magazines, doctors and family members.

    If you keep an open mind and listen to your intuition, you can discover the true secrets to beauty. Reading this book will open up a whole new way for you to under- stand the powerful connection between food, health and beauty. The Beauty Detox Solution will take you to your most beautiful, energetic, healthy self. When I started my personal Beauty Detox, it changed my life—and I know this book can do the same for you. To do this constructively, one can do it only with an open mind and with the wholehearted desire to see if it really works.

    A closed mind…a mind which has made it a practice to frown on radical changes in thought, habits and actions, is the greatest stumbling block towards any progress on the road to Become Younger.

    Norman Walker Become Younger The connection between food and beauty is incredibly powerful—just by changing the foods you eat, you can radically change the way you look and feel. So our discussion begins with a very basic question: And to answer it, we have to know where we as humans belong in nature. One of the best ways to figure out where we belong is to look at the an- imal kingdom. The human body is most closely related to that of prim- ates: Our genet- ic makeup is more similar to that of chimpanzees than to that of any other species on the planet, with an estimated Look at your nails, flexible fingers and opposable thumbs.

    Now grind your teeth back and forth. Our back molars are appropriate for grinding plants for easy digestion. These claws are needed to rip into the flesh of their prey. The ti- ger and other carnivores have sharp fangs: Without these claws and sharp teeth, it would be impossible for the tiger to feast on its prey.

    Okay, so we look different. But it turns out that our digestive tract is built differently, as well. The human liver, for instance, has a low tolerance for uric acid, a by-product of digesting animal protein.

    Buy for others

    In contrast, the liver of the carnivorous tiger contains uricase, which is an enzyme used to break down uric acid. Not only are our livers designed to digest plant foods, but our stomachs are, too. The stomach juices of the tiger and other carnivores have a very high concentration of acid. And what is true in the liver and stomach is true in the rest of the digestive tract.

    The human intestine is extremely complex, and at around thirty feet, it is about twelve times as long as our torso. The gorilla also has a long intestine—about eight to twelve times its torso length. It is designed to be long so there is adequate time to absorb the minerals and nutrients of fruits and plant matter, which quickly break down and move through our bodies much faster than animal protein does.

    The carnivorous tiger, on the other hand, has a short in- testine—only about three times the length of its torso. Its intestinal tract is designed for quickly getting rid of the acidic waste matter that is the by-product of animal protein. So what does this mean for our diet? The gorilla is a natural vegetarian, and 86 percent of its diet is composed of green leaves, shoots and stems, with the other 14 percent made up primarily of bark, roots, flowers and fruit.

    Its organs are efficiently designed for quickly breaking down and expelling heavy fat and protein mo- lecules, as well as the by-products of their digestion. Its body uses what it needs and gets the rest of the garbage out…fast! So what happens when we have the biological makeup of a gorilla but we eat like a tiger?

    We are going against the natural laws of biology. What does this mean for your health and beauty? The key to being your healthiest, more beautiful self is eating the way your body was designed to eat.

    At the Pritikin Longevity Center in Florida, forty-five hundred patients who went through a three-week program and were given a mostly plant-based diet and who exercised lost 5.

    This makes sense when you think about how your body works. It causes a great strain on your liver to process all the uric acid created from di- gesting animal protein. Your long intestinal tract is simply not designed to process large amounts of meat.

    Because it takes so long in that hot envir- onment, it can start to putrefy, or, in other words, rot, causing un- healthy bacterial growth and toxicity. There is no other way to put it: Digesting protein creates all sorts of by-products in the body, like purines, uric acid and ammonia, all of which create acidity in the body. These toxins are absorbed into our bloodstream through the colon and circulate all around our bodies.

    That is solid proof in ways to do that is to protect the vital or- gans. As renowned microbiologist Dr. Robert Young points out, one way the body does this is by expanding fat cells to store acidic and tox- ic waste, to keep it away from our organs. But as you begin to cleanse yourself of toxic, acidic waste, as well as fat-soluble chemicals found in many processed foods,6 you can shed the pesky extra pounds much easier. The more toxicity you have in your body, the faster you age and the more you will struggle with maintaining your ideal weight.

    The Strongest Animals on Earth Are Vegetarian The gorilla—a vegetarian by nature and design—is the strongest animal on earth, pound for pound. They are all plant eaters. Imagine that! All these really strong, gigantic animals get all their protein needs from the amino acids, the building blocks of protein, in plants.

    That is solid proof in nature that vegetarians can not only get more than enough protein but can also build large, defined muscles. Evolving Choices, Evolving Beauty You might be wondering why, if eating plant foods is so nat- ural for humans, we have been eating meat for thousands of years.

    Our ancestors had to survive off anything they could pick or catch. Life spans and living conditions were completely different many generations ago. When we know better, we do better.

    Not only do we have more knowledge today, but we have more choices. We have the amazing op- portunity to reach our ultimate beauty potential and live a life that is long and disease free. We now have an answer. With this type of diet, we flourish and derive all our necessary nutrients, while also keeping our bodies toxin free and looking our most beautiful. This is the basis of the Beauty Detox Solution—you will be filling your body with nourish- ing plant foods that are chock-full of Beauty Minerals and other key nutrients that will make you more beautiful from the inside out.

    If we want to reach our highest goals and achieve True Beauty, we have to work with nature. Just think about it. If we were designed to eat so much an- imal protein, why are so many people getting fatter and fatter, and sicker and sicker, and visibly aging so fast that Botox injections and face-lifts are now commonplace procedures? Aging at the fast rate most people age is not inevitable. You will be getting more than enough protein on the Beauty Detox Solution, but it will be derived from beautifying plant foods.

    There are over thirty-five hundred scientific studies involving over fifteen thousand research scientists that report a relationship between the consumption of meats, poultry, eggs and dairy products and the incidence of numerous health issues, including but not restricted to heart disease, cancer, kidney failure, constipation, gout, gallstones, di- verticulosis, hemorrhoids and osteoporosis. This research could fill this whole book alone!

    You can still reap the incredible benefits of the Beauty Detox Solution while incorporating meat and other animal products into your diet.

    Congress in estimated that genetics determines only about 2 to 3 percent of the total cancer risk. The China Project was the most comprehensive study on the connection between diet and disease in medical history. Colin Campbell, Ph. You only have to eat the right beauty foods in the right way and cleanse on an ongoing basis to look and feel your absolute best.

    You are going to be eating an abundance and an array of plant foods which contain a plentiful supply of complex phytonutrients including vitamins minerals fiber and enzymes that nature creates in perfect ratios. It will feel right to you as you continue along the path because deep down Beauty Detox principles and foods resonate with your intuitive connection with nature. As a result your skin will become smoother and radiant from within your eyes will lose their dark circles and puffiness and your hair will grow in lustrous and thicker.

    Following this Beauty Detox program will also free you from the dreaded never-ending battle with dieting. A major reason that diet foods never work for the long run is that they cut you off from your connection to nature. Diet foods are highly refined formulaic creations made with ingredients from the lab.

    Radical Beauty PDF « Kimberly Snyder

    These dramatic results will motivate you to stick with this new way of eating. In Part I you will review the essential principles that make up the core of the program. Understanding the concepts in Part I is critical to making this program work for you especially because the information on this program is different from any other diet or detox book you may read. The concepts presented here are based on sound slide thorough research and the work of many doctors scientists and research institutions.

    I have cited numerous studies and specific research throughout for your reference so that you can see how the science supports the program. Some of the principles have not yet trickled into the mainstream health and nutrition practices but please keep an open mind as you read and remember that many tenets of health that are widely accepted now—such as that smoking cigarettes increases your odds of getting lung cancer—were not always mainstream ideas.

    Part III offers exciting recipes that will increase your Beauty Energy are easily digestible and incorporate the top beauty foods to make becoming beautiful fun delicious and an easy part of your lifestyle.

    There is an exhilarating and liberating new path ahead to abundant health and beauty beckoning you to follow it. Just turn the page. Just by changing the foods you eat you can radically change the way you look and feel. Energy is a key factor in your ability to shed weight easily and permanently achieve great health and look your most beautiful. The more energy you have the better you feel and the more beautiful you become.

    What eats up energy The quick answer: digestion. Yes digestion Did you know that the full process of digestion takes more energy than any other internal function of the human body Some experts estimate that digestion takes as much as half or more of your total energy. Beauty Detox Foods are designed to free up energy from digestion which is the single most important way to redirect large amounts of energy to make weight loss easy and help you look your most beautiful.

    How Y our Face Reveals Inner Health For over five thousand years in Chinese medicine practitioners have understood that uneven color and texture patchiness lines breakouts and other issues with your face can be indicative of deeper issues going on within your body and in your organs.

    Lines above the upper lip might indicate stagnation or blockages in the digestive tract specifically relating to the organs of the stomach and small intestines.

    This can be attributed to the accumulation of acidic waste and toxicity which is not adequately leaving the body. Deep laugh lines and the nasolabial line relate to your lung and liver. These lines could be due to smoking or shallow chest breathing indicating that not enough oxygen is getting into the lungs yoga definitely helps with this or a colon that is so backed up that your lung meridian is being impeded.

    The lungs and colon are considered yin-yang organs. These laugh lines may also mean you have an overloaded liver. A lined forehead might point to congestion and specifically a blocked toxin-filled colon and gallbladder.

    DeSales University

    Among the contributors to this may be consuming a lot of dairy cooked oils or processed foods. On the other hand a person might have a good diet but is not cleansing properly or adequately to keep up with the toxicity the good diet is releasing. Dark under-eye circles or puffiness may indicate adrenal exhaustion. Too much caffeine a lack of sleep or too much stress may cause this. Patchy skin or lines high up around the cheekbone area may be associated with heart issues.

    These could be due to eating too much cholesterol animal products or cooked oil. The good news is that your cells regenerate. If you take positive steps now to improve your diet and cleanse your body you can reverse damage and make major improvements in your overall heath and beauty.

    The more efficiently you digest food in other words the less energy your body has to spend on digesting the more energy your body has to clean out the old toxic material and perform all those beautifying processes. Detoxing yourself by getting rid of old waste is the key to allowing your digestion to function optimally.

    When you loosen the toxic sludge from your system your energy will automatically increase because your body will be able to perform digestive and other functions efficiently and with much less effort. Thanks to that renewed energy you will also lose weight and look years or even decades younger.

    Your skin will radiate and your hair will grow in with vibrant body and a healthy sheen. Most diets focus on the number of calories or grams of carbs and protein to consume yet they make no effort to deduce how efficiently—or not—your system can break down or use any given food. Nor do they give you any clues as to the amount of foreign chemicals preservatives and additives that may be in that given food. That is the very reason that dieting and losing weight have always seemed like such a miserable chore and struggle a struggle that most of us feel we are losing along with energy levels.

    The high content of mineral- enzyme- and fiber-rich Beauty Detox Foods will help cleanse and unclog the waste from the intestines so that your body can start to absorb nutrients optimally. But building up toxic waste in the body can take many years even decades so detoxification on a deeper level is not something that happens instantly.

    It should be a gradual controlled and regulated process…and it needs to take place continuously to get the tangible results you are after. In fact detoxification that happens too quickly can be very uncomfortable—you can feel or actually become ill.

    But you can start to see changes fairly quickly by making important shifts in the foods you eat. Nutrients are absorbed through tiny hairlike villi along the walls of your intestines. You have over seven thousand feet of surface area slide in the small intestine. Another way the villi can get clogged is from the excessive growth of yeast and fungus in the body.

    This can leave you starving for vitamins minerals and especially protein regardless of what you actually put in your mouth. I estimate that more than half of adults in the United States are digesting and absorbing less than half of what they eat. I totally understand the frustration and have experienced it myself. Why am I still hungry when I just ate two full plates at the buffet Raw food nutrition pioneer Dr. Norman W alker writes in depth about the effects of eating processed and devitalized foods.

    You can still have clogged intestinal villi as well as impaction and waste matter pushed deep into your body which keeps you from absorbing the nutrients you need. And you can supplement vitamin B 12 for insurance. But today foods are sanitized and scrubbed of soil exposure. Although you may choose to keep some meat in your diet for taste social familial or any other reasons there is no nutritional reason to do so.

    Green vegetables are among the most nutrient-dense of all foods and are full of alkaline minerals including calcium chlorophyll and amino acids. They make up your key Beauty Foods that regenerate and purify your cells. Besides greens you want to eat substantial portions of a wide range of vegetables which will supply you with key minerals enzymes and vitamins.

    Their fiber will help sweep waste from the body as well as fill you up. Canned vegetables should be avoided altogether as they may contain preservatives or chemicals such as bisphenol A are high in sodium and tend to have lower nutritional value than fresh or frozen vegetables. Why Organic Matters A study conducted in by Rutgers University revealed an astonishing difference in mineral slide content between organic and conventional produce especially in terms of the minerals iron calcium magnesium manganese and potassium.

    The Rutgers research found 87 percent more trace elements and minerals in organic produce versus produce that was commercially grown. Pesticides are neurotoxins that destroy the central nervous system of various pests. Whenever you eat conventionally grown produce you invariably eat trace pesticides as well. Exposure to these pesticides may contribute to a whole host of health problems such as cancer birth defects damage to the central nervous system and developmental problems.

    The group analyzes data from the Department of Agriculture to determine which produce contains the most pesticide residue. Any type of heat will destroy some of their nutrients. When cooking vegetables avoid charring or overboiling them because you want to preserve the nutrients as much as you can. However when you start eating the Beauty Detox way you will be getting water from lots of water-containing fruits and vegetables so you may not need to adhere to the general recommendation of eight full glasses of water a day.


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