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  1. The Demigod Diaries - The Diary of Luke Castellan (Pages 27 - 61) Summary & Analysis
  2. The Demigod Diaries Summary & Study Guide
  3. The Demigod Diaries - The Diary of Luke Castellan (Pages 27 - 61) Summary & Analysis
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sixteen, the same age as Percy Jackson, wrote “Son of Magic” especially for this I hope The Demigod Diaries will help prepare you for your own adventures. Heroes of Olympus Extra - The Demigod Diaries - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. extra of percy jackson series. The Demigod Files contains three of Percy Jackson's most dangerous this information with any non-demigod, and you may find Clarisse coming after you with.

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Percy Jackson Demigod Diaries Pdf

Demigod Diaries [COMPLETE] Annabeth and I were relaxing on the Great Lawn in Central Park when she ambushed me with a question. Rick Riordan ❤. Percy Jackson and Kane Chronicles Crossover 01 - The Son of Sobek - Rick . Rea Recca. Here:) Rick Riordan - The Demigod Archette,. Percy Jackson and the singer of MB. The Demigod Diaries is collection of short stories relating to The Heroes of Olympus book series. Contents. 1 Summary; 2 Stories. The Diary of Luke Castellan; Percy Jackson and the Staff of Hermes . Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version.

Honestly, I dont know if Ill be able to keep up with this diary. My life is pretty crazy. But I promised the old man I would try. After what happened todaywell, I owe him. My hands are shaking as I sit here on guard duty. I cant get the horrible images out of my head. Ive got a few hours until the girls wake up. Maybe if I write down the story, Ill be able to put it behind me. I should probably start with the magic goat. For three days, Thalia and I had been following the goat across Virginia. I wasnt sure why. To me, the goat didnt look like anything special, but Thalia was more agitated than Id ever seen her before.

Howard Claymore as he becomes involved in a conflict between two children of Hecate: The Demigod Diaries was released on 14 August From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Demigod Diaries First edition cover.

The Lightning Thief Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters Film cast members. The Lightning Thief musical. Percy Jackson. Retrieved from " https: Heymee , sorry for the late reply, but here it is. Demigods and Magicians - Rick Riordan. Rea Recca replied to Abigail.

Abigail , Brooklyn House Guide is not yet available. I'm sorry. But I'll just post it here whenever I find a copy of it. Archette Noja. Thank you!. Rea Recca replied to Archette. Archette ,. Percy Jackson and the singer of apollo. Bella Stanley. Camille Goyon. Do you have the Percy Jackson Ultimate Guide?

Thanks in advance! Aung Kaung Thant. Magnus Chase Book 3. The Trials of Apollo Series. Theysounded hungry. He winced, then took a shaky breath.

He looked up at Thalia with an expression ofsympathy. He turned to the keyboard and hesitated a long time before starting to type. You are destined to survive today, Hal typed. He typed, Someday soon, you will sacrifice yourself tosave your friends.

I see things that are…hard to describe. Years of solitude. You will stand talland still, alive but sleeping. You will change once, and then change again. Your path will besad and lonely. But someday you will find your family again.

Thalia clenched her fists. She started to speak, then paced the room. Finally she slammed Changing, sleeping? You call that a future? Thalia almost backed up into the drapes. You told us that Thalia will survive. Did you seeanything about the bracelet? Or the goat? We need something that will help.

The Demigod Diaries - The Diary of Luke Castellan (Pages 27 - 61) Summary & Analysis

He typed, I saw nothing about the bracelet. I know alittle about Amaltheia the goat, but I doubt it will help. The goat nursed Zeus when he was ababy. Later, Zeus slew her and used her skin to make his shield—the aegis.

I scratched my chin. Typical god thing to do.

Thalia, you know anything about theshield? She and Zeus took turnsusing it in battle. It would frighten away their enemies. Obviously, the goat Amaltheia had come backto life. That happened a lot with mythological monsters—they eventually re-formed from thepit of Tartarus. But why had Amaltheia led us here? A bad thought occurred to me. Hal Green held out his hands to me.

The Demigod Diaries Summary & Study Guide

His grim expression told me it was my turn for afortune-telling. A wave of dread washed over me. What if we both survived, but Thalia sacrificed herself tosave me somewhere down the line, like Hal had mentioned? His hands were so frail, it was hard to believe hecarried the blood of an immortal god. He had told us his curse would end today, one way oranother. If he saw anything in my future that would help, I hadto try.

I gave him my hands. Hal took a deep breath and closed his eyes. His snakeskin jacket glistened as if it weretrying to shed. I forced myself to stay calm. His eyes flew open. He yanked his hands away and stared at me in terror. My tongue felt like sandpaper. Finally he typed, Fire. I saw fire. You mean today? Is that going to help us? He nodded. Reluctantly he typed, Hard to be sure. Luke, I also saw a sacrifice inyour future. A choice. But also a betrayal.

I waited. Her tone was dangerous. Because Luke would never betray anyone. But if he survives today, he will betray— Thalia grabbed the keyboard. You lure demigods here, then you take away theirhope with your horrible predictions? No wonder the others gave up—just like you gave up. For a moment, I thought he might lunge at Thalia. You have any fire left? Hal Green immediately backed down. Whatever nightmareswere in my future, I had to survive today first.

An idea buzzed in the back of my head. Greek weapons. An article popped up immediately. Thalia peered over my shoulder. But I thought that stuff wasjust a legend.

His face was animated. Hepointed at his bookshelves. A lot of those are really old.

We started pulling out books. He tossed titles andflipped through pages as fast as we did. After lots of fruitless searching, he came racing over, tapping a page in an old leather-bound book.

I scanned the list of ingredients, and my excitement built. The recipe for Greekfire. Everything we needed was in this room. I read to the end of the list. There was only one thing missing. Her eyes widened.

Last time, I almost killed Luke. You can call down a lightning strike on the house and blast itthrough the electrical wiring. You do understand how dangerous Greekfire is? I swallowed. Whatever it touches, it burns. But Greek fire will turn this room into aninferno. It will spread through the entire house in a matter of seconds. I looked at the empty enclosure. When those bars rose and the leucrotae attacked, we might have a chance—if wecould surprise the monsters with an explosion, and if we could somehow get around them andreach the escape panel at the back of the cage without getting eaten or burned alive.

Toomany ifs. My mind ran through a dozen different strategies, but I kept coming back to what Hal hadsaid about sacrifice. Time passed too quickly. Outside in the hallway, theleucrotae growled and clacked their jaws. The drapes on the window blocked out all sunlight, but the clock told us we were almostout of time. My face beaded with sweat as I mixed the ingredients.

Asacrifice in your future. What did he mean? But one thing was clear: Myfuture terrified him. I tried to focus on my work. Maybe Hermes was watching out for me, lending me some of his alchemy know-how. Ormaybe I just got lucky. Finally I had a pot full of goopy black gunk, which I poured into an oldglass jelly jar. I sealed the lid.

The glass should keep it fromexploding until we break the jar. You guys should probably step back,in case…you know, I explode or something. Hal picked up his green leather diary. He gestured for me to follow him. We walked to thecloset doorway, where Hal took a pen from his jacket and flipped through the book. I sawpages and pages of neat, cramped handwriting. Finally Hal found an empty page and scribbledsomething.

He handed the book to me. The note read, Luke, I want you to take this diary. It has my predictions, my notes about thefuture, my thoughts about where I went wrong. I think it might help you. I shook my head. Keep it. Your choices will changethe world. You can learn from my mistakes, continue the diary. It might help you with yourdecisions. I think I finally understand why I was cursed,he wrote. Apollo was right. Sometimes the future really is better left a mystery.

And one more thing— He set the pen in his diary and unclipped the Celestial bronze dagger from his belt. Heoffered it to me. He returned to writing: That bladewas a gift from the girl I saved. She promised me it would always protect its owner. Hal took a shaky breath.

He met my eyes, and I finally understood what he was planning. I can communicatewith the leucrotae. I am the logical choice for bait. You and Thalia wait in the closet. But his expression was grim and determined. He looked like a demigod, ready to go out fighting. This was his chance at redemption. He would do one last heroic thing, and his cursewould end today, just as Apollo had foreseen. He scribbled something and handed me the diary.

The last word read: I took a deep breath, and closed the book. I promise. We both jumped. White smoke billowed from the computer, and a smell like burning tires filled theroom. Thalia sat up grinning. The wall behind her was blistered and blackened. The electricaloutlet had completely melted, but in her hands, the jelly jar of Greek fire was now glowinggreen. Just then, the clock registered 7: We were out of time. The old man held out his hand.

The trapdoor ground open slowly. A red hoofthrust its way through the crack. Inside the chute, the leucrotae growled and clacked theirjaws. He gave her a brave smile, then nodded to me.

I slipped his diary and dagger into my pack. Then I pulled Thalia into the closet with me. A split second later, we heard the leucrotae burst into the room. All three of the monstershissed and growled and trampled across the furniture, anxious to feed. Come on, you uglymutts! The creaturesgalloped toward the bathroom. Inside, the panel was alreadyclosing. We scrambled into the cage. I lunged for the exit panel, wedging it open with my golf club. Thalia wriggled through as the metal plate started to bend the golf club.

This is your last meal! I twisted, screaming, as its bony mouth snapped at the airwhere my face had just been. I managed to punch its snout, but it was like hitting a bag of wet cement. Then something grabbed my arm. Thalia pulled me into the chute. The panel closed,snapping my golf club. We crawled through a metal duct into another bedroom and stumbled for the door.

I heard Halcyon Green, shouting a battle cry: We burst into the hallway, which was already on fire. Flames licked the wallpaper and thecarpet steamed. We reached the stairs. We stumbledand coughed, the heat searing my eyes and my lungs.

It must have been the one that followed us into the enclosure. Its red fur was singed black. Its pointed ears were on fire, and one of its glowing red eyes was swollen shut. It snapped its bone-plated jaws at her, keeping one hoof planted on my chest. My eyes stung from the smoke. I could hardly breathe. I saw Thalia try to spear themonster again, and a flash of metal caught my eye—the silver bracelet. Something finally clicked in my mind: Thalia had been destined to find that treasure.

It belonged to the child of Zeus. What was it called? Thank the gods—or thank blind luck—Thalia understood. I looked away, but the afterimage burned inmy mind—snaky hair, glaring eyes, and a mouth with bared fangs. Thalia thrust the shield toward the leucrota. The monster yelped like a puppy andretreated, freeing me from the weight of its hoof.

Through the smoke, I watched the terrifiedleucrota run straight into the nearest drapes, which turned into glistening black tongues andengulfed the monster. The monster steamed. The building exploded. I can only assume that the shockwave blasted the front dooropen and pushed us outside.

The next thing I knew, I was sprawled in the traffic circle, coughing and gasping as a towerof fire roared into the evening sky. My throat burned. I looked for Thalia and instead found myself staring at the bronze face of Medusa. Iscreamed, somehow found the energy to stand, and ran. Yeah, I know.

It sounds comical now. Finally Thalia caught up to me, her spear back in Mace canister form, her shieldreduced to a silver bracelet. Together we stood and watched the mansion burn. Bricks crumbled. Black draperies burstinto sheets of red fire. The roof collapsed and smoke billowed into the sky. Thalia let loose a sob.

A tear etched through the soot on her face. My chest was tight, as if the leucrota was still standing on it. The gods had cursed him. Whathad he seen in my future that scared him so much? The sound of sirens brought me to my senses. Being runaway minors, Thalia and I had learned to distrust the police and anybody elsewith authority.

The mortals would want to question us, maybe put us in juvie hall or foster care. We ran through the streets of Richmond until we found a small park. We cleaned up in thepublic restrooms as best we could. Then we lay low until full dark.

We wandered in a daze through neighborhoodsand industrial areas. We had no plan, no glowing goat to follow anymore. We were bone tired,but neither of us felt like sleeping or stopping. I wanted to get as far as possible from thatburning mansion. Promise, Halcyon Green had written. I promise, Hal, I thought. I will learn from your mistakes.

If the gods ever treat me that badly,I will fight back. Okay, I know that sounds like crazy talk. But I was feeling bitter and angry. If that makesthe dudes up on Mount Olympus unhappy, tough.

They can come down here and tell me to myface. We stopped for a rest near an old warehouse. In the dim light of the moon, I could see aname painted on the side of the red brick building: Most of the windowswere broken. Thalia shivered. It would take at least a day to get there, but it was as good a planas any. I split my ham sandwich with Thalia.

We ate in silence. The food tasted like cardboard. My earsstarted tingling. Thalia grabbed her spear and summoned Aegis. This time I knewbetter than to look at the face of Medusa, but its presence still made my skin crawl.

I understood why Amaltheia had wanted Thalia to claim it. We crept along the wall of the warehouse. We turned into a dark alleyway that dead-ended at a loading dock piled with old scrapmetal.

The Demigod Diaries - The Diary of Luke Castellan (Pages 27 - 61) Summary & Analysis

I pointed at the platform. I sense it. A sheet of corrugated tin quivered on the dock. Something—someone—was underneath. We crept toward the loading bay until we stood over the pile of metal.

Thalia readied herspear. I gestured for her to hold back. I reached for the piece of corrugated metal and mouthed,One, two, three! As soon as I lifted the sheet of tin, something flew at me—a blur of flannel and blond hair.

A hammer hurtled straight at my face. Fortunately my reflexes were good from years offighting. The The little girl struggled. Thalia looked toostunned to move. She still had her spear and shield ready. She touched the shield and it shrank back into a bracelet. She dropped herspear. This is Luke. Eventually she stopped kicking. She felt cold. Her ribs were bony under her flannel pajamas. I wondered how long this little girl had gonewithout eating.

She was even younger than I had been when I ran away.

Haley Riordan

Despite her fear, she looked at me with large eyes. They were startlingly gray, beautifuland intelligent. A demigod—no doubt about it. I got the feeling she was powerful—or shewould be, if she survived. Her chin trembled. I ran away.

She had such pain in her voice—familiar pain. Ilooked at Thalia, and we made a silent decision right there. We would take care of this kid.

After what had happened with Halcyon Green…well, it seemed like fate. It was almost like a second chance. Thalia knelt next to me. We could use afighter like you. Then a sudden thought struck me. It will protect its owner, Hal had said. He had gotten it from the littlegirl he had saved. Now fate had given us the chance to save another little girl. Works a lot better than a hammer.


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