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WHAT'S UP 1 - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Libro de Today! 1 Students' Book. Uploaded by. Daniel de Abreu · Engage Starter. Uploaded by. 1 (4) Anna / 12 2 (8) I / a teacher 3 (?) the students / clever 4 (?) you / in the 1 ___ English teacher 2 ___ gym lesson 3 ___ umbrella 4 ___ book 5 ___ desk 6 7 . Today! 1 Students' Book - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Fantastic course book. Whats Up Starter SB Wbook. Uploaded by. LilianMierez.

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Whats Up 1 Student Book

Test book what's up 1. 1. I'm 1 ____a_____ new student and this is 2 1 Fernanda and Lourdes . 1 What is your English teacher's name?. Everybody Up Level 1 Student Book. Share Print. download from Student Book. Key features Read Everybody Up Second Edition links your classroom to the wider world. View Course . Upcoming events. See what's happening in your area. Everybody Up Level 1 encourages children to use language in a natural and meaningful , Everybody Up 1 Student Book with Audio CD.

Our privacy commitment Publish to an authentic audience Writing a book is a fantastic way to make connections in learning. Students create a finished product, giving them a platform for sharing their learning with peers or others. My students are each creating a resource that will be available for download across the world. This is authentic learning at its best. My students have a voice. Jane Ross, Digital Literacy Coach Engage reluctant writers Giving students an audience beyond the teacher can be extremely motivational. I explained to the students that they would soon be globally published authors. They were so excited about their book it was contagious.

Promoting reading as a form of escapism from the general pressures of school and their social lives encouraged her class to see reading as a form of self-indulgent relaxation, instead of another intelligence test.

Test 1 what's up? 1

Her class are among the most prolific readers in the school. In September she gives her kids a good talk about reading as escapism, and then introduces library sessions by saying, "we get to escape for an hour today". Teacher involvement "Showing students that teachers of all subjects read books, not just the English teachers, is really important," says Ludgate. Then, at the start of every lesson, whether that be geography, maths or whatever, the teacher would read to the class for ten minutes from their favourite book.

It's especially good if they don't see people reading at home.

Pearson ELT What's Up? 3rd Edition

I don't simply mean putting up a poster which tries to promote reading because it's 'cool' — I think they're totally ineffective. Instead, students and teachers could share the name of the book that they're reading at the moment, and offer a sentence about it. It's a great way to share recommendations. Webster explains: "The whole school has a set time in the school day where children read to themselves or an adult and they can choose from a wide variety of books.

The older years in particular haven't been read to at home for so long that they absolutely love it.

What's up?

Comics, ebooks, short stories, online articles and magazines shouldn't be ignored. For example, we had a whole term based on the Gruffalo in September.

Classes are from 7. We have 11 different subjects: Our favourite subjects are English and Music. We can sing our favourite pop songs! There are different clubs in the afternoon, where we can play instruments, write poems or perform acrobatics.

Our school is years old, but it has got very modern equipment. There is a modern computer lab, where we can surf the net to find information.

The library is very old, but it has got new books too. I love the science lab because we do experiments there.

But my favourite place at school is the canteen. We go there after class and we have a great time!

We sometimes have lunch there. Their pizzas are wonderful! We have got a lot of work, but teachers are really nice.

Complete the sentences with a possessive adjective. Circle the correct option. Test 1 what's up?

Test 1 what's up? 1

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