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    Civil Engineering Data Book

    Design, Volume 1, Data Book for Civil Engineers, 3rd Edition [Elwyn E. Seelye] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Design, Volume 1, Data. Data Book for Civil Engineers: Specifications and Costs Volume Two (Volume 2) [Elwyn E. Seelye] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Download handbook of Civil engineering standard data values. which helps students in knowing standard values and specifications to be.

    Subjects Description Under the pressure of harsh environmental conditions and natural hazards, large parts of the world population are struggling to maintain their livelihoods. Population growth, increasing land utilization and shrinking natural resources have led to an increasing demand of improved efficiency of existing technologies and the development of new ones. Additionally, growing complexities of societal functionalities and interdependencies among infrastructures and urban habitats amplify consequences of malfunctions and failures. Malevolence, sustainable developments and climatic changes have more recently been added to the list of challenges. Over the last decades, substantial progress has been made in assessing and quantifying risks. However, with regard to the broader utilization of risk assessment as a means for societal strategic and operational planning, there is still a great need for further development. The book focuses not only on the more traditional technical issues, but also emphasizes the societal context of the decision making problems including the interaction between stakeholders.

    For 3"-thick pieces of Select Structural, Construction, and Standard grodes used as joists: H;; when I"ngth of split is approximately ". The allowable unit stresses for tension parall,,1 to grain t ond for compression parollel to groin c given for these joist and plank ond beam and stringer grades ore opplicable when the following additional provisions are applied to the grades: The sum of the sixes of all knots in anr 6 in.

    Two knots of mex lmum permi ss ible size she I not be within the same 6 in. These grades appl icable to 2" thickness only. The allowoble unit stresses for tension porallel to grain t and for compression parollel to grain c given for these joist and plank and beam and stringer grades are appl icoble when the following additional provisions ore appl ied to the grades: The sum of the sixes of all knots in onr 6 in.

    Two knots of maximum permissible sim sha I not be within the same 6 in. Value applies to pieces used as planks. For 3"-thick pieces of Select Structural, Construction, and stondard grades used os joists: H:;; when length of split is approximately ". All stress grades under the Grading Rules are all-purpose grades and apply to sixes. Pieces so graded may be cut to shorter lengths without impairment of the stress rating of the shorter pieces. Grade restrictions provided by the Grad ing Rules apply to th..

    The following apply to lumber in serv iee under w"t canditions or where the moisture content is ot or above fib.. These grades meet the requirements for density. Longleaf may be specified by substituting "Longleaf" for "Dense" in the grade name, ond, when sO specified, the s cme ollowable stresses sholl app l y, M. These grades meet the requirements for d"nsity. Type A: Type B: These stresses may be doubled with continuous inspection. II Net area, all others gross ero ss- sectional area. A94 0.

    A low alloy Structural A.

    A for welding Structural U. AD LOA. Sol id br ickwork: Handbook, C. American Stondard S Association.

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    Pacific Caast Bd. Sauthern Standards of Fire Officials Std. Dwellings, private rooms, 40' 40 11 and apartments 40 40 40 40 P ubi le corridors, lobbies, '7 and dini ng rooms 80 School buildings: Clossromms and rooms of similor use 40 40 40 40 Corridors and publ ic ports '8 of building 80 Theaters, assembly halls, and other places of assemblage: Taken from C. See p. On first floor, 40 p. Or on any space 2. Or concentrat"d. Con- 7. Where partitions are subject to change 20 p.

    Load to be determined by use. Or concentrated rear wheel of loaded truck in any position. Varies from 25 to 50 p.

    For rooms with fixed seats or classrooms not excee'ding sq. Includi n9 entire first floor. The minimum for storage or manufacturing is p. Only school classrooms with fixed seats. Removable seats 80 p. Churches only. Every floor beam concentrated. Interior courts, sidewalks, etc. Roofs over 30 degrees, 20 p. Lood is determined by use. For unloaded vehicles. Above ft. Above first floor including corridors. Or lb. For buildings less than'SOO ft.

    Or concentrated. Trucking space and driveways 12, concentroted. For beams, columns, and girders p. Or 12, concentrated for driveways over sidewalks. WIND 30 p. See also p. For members subject to wind and other forces, increase one third, but section to be not less than that required for dead, live, and impact loads. American Concrete Institute, Consult local Weother Bureau or Bui!

    The value of 20 lb. Where load exceeds 20 p. For big flat roofs and high parapets special attention is required. The height is to be measured above the average level of the ground adjacent to the building, chimney, tankt or sol id rewer , Figuras do not provide for "xtreme wind conditions of short duration such as tornadoes gusts are inclUded.

    A, modi fied with Table B for tower height. Radio tower NOTE: Factors for towers with cylindrical el..

    York Stat Wind preSSur.. Front Fig. A, eastern N.. From Tabl.. B, sel.. From Slop.. Slope Slope Tabl.. Assume or less Positive volu..

    E Elev. Each 60,: GiVen S: Zo Kips,. Z" "'tn. Consrrucfion, supporfedaf each floor. Reding f Hr. FI Topaf f? IO "', "it L: I"'- "' G' 4"Ii7cret7se lar ever! I' Block When horl: MQ Mr II;. Fl RE. Qn gypsum lath. On self.. Mlrdmum Th. Material Constn. Group 1 eener.. Iag, Iime. Group 1 concrlll! For Furthor dataUs ar"!

    Rating; 6" 5Jab, trQprock, or crusna-d timestan. Sharpe Wire Gage Non-Ferro ShMta and Wire New Birmingh. Hoop Gage British Imperia' or Engli. Standard Gage is officially a It, as tabulated. The A. Gage No.

    Data Book Civil Engineers Volume by Seelye Elwyn

    Bar 6 10 12 " Plat. Breaking strength, t tons of lb. Roebling's Sons Co. Two spans.. More than two spans. Negative moment at other faces of interior supports Negative mornerrt at face of all supports for a sl abs with spans not exceed ing 10 ft. Negative moment at interior faces of exterior supports for members built integrally with their supports Where the support is a spandrel beam or girder.

    Where the support is a col umn. Use 4 for light sections, 5 for heavy sections. Other loads - use formulas on pp. Concrete Seams Use formulas on pp , through TION op-'C"'. Cooerere slob min. The values givl!?

    For crccor crorr K OfQCO 0. L W'" wI in Ibs: JL 1 In! MI5H C;'. JrSe fOr bond. Copper Flashing. Roo f'''7: Graphic sids. UNCl UR. JnJye or lJoosled. ZZ cl. Graphic Sfds. Concrete shal I develop a strength of --p. Reinforc e ment sha I[ be int.

    A-IS and A In twa-way slabs, place short-span bars in bottom layer. Cancrete joists to have not less than 6-in. Solid slabs to have 4-in.

    See specifications for instructions to detailer s, 8. Add notes as may be required by local codes. Prov ide adequate I ies for a I st ee 1 bars and st irrups in slabs and beams. All r e inforc ing st e. Follow A. Where concrete beams frame into steel, provide twa in. Depending on the shape or design of a building the method of taking out quantities also varies. The followings are general rule to follow when preparing a template.

    Masonry work, and 4. An almost accurate quantity takeoff sheet helps the architects, engineers and contractors to win any bid. If possible, same group of quantity surveyors should be arranged to take all works from inception to completion of the project. Surveying Jobs. However, in order to fully understand and appreciated the potential problems in the measurement process a thorough knowledge of measurement conventions is essential.

    Data Book for Civil Engineers: Design v.1

    The approaches to teaching quantity surveying measurement described in this paper are those adopted in the Bachelor of Construction Management BCM program in the University of Newcastle, Australia. The next step is applying a pricing list to the itemized quantities to generate a cost estimate.

    In performing construction surveying, preparation is a major part of the operation. II Areas shall be measured to the nearest 0. Traditional taking off uses dimension paper which is made of a series of columns. Use of appropriate automation tools is highly recommended. By using the same square foot area to complete the calculations for each item, allowing for the appropriate differences such as conversion to cubic yards or tons or waste factors, considerable estimating time can be saved.

    The training and knowledge of the quantity surveyor have enabled the role of the profession to evolve over time into new areas, and the services provided by the modern quantity surveyor now cover all aspects of procurement, contractual and project cost management. By surveying, the site elevations of the existing earth at various points of the work site are determined. Bills of Quantities are necessary for effective control of construction production and associated costs.

    The following paragraphs present the detailed quantity estimate of materials such as concrete, formworks,. It must be as accurate as possible and should be based on all available engineering and design data. Since the beginning the roles and duties of a Quantity Surveyor have changed a lot. Send us your drawings cad or pdf format , specification and bills of quantity if any, we are able to to revert with the full set of quantity measurement as per your requirement.

    Seeley, Today, the majority of bills of quantities are produced using proprietary software packages, each system having its own format for inputting dimensions and formulating descriptions.

    This quantity takeoff sheet also includes ductwork, piping , labor , risk cost and summation of all the estimated expenditure. Quantity takeoff or calculating sheet is the common type of indexing and taking off dimensions, amounts of substance needed and sorts needed in a bidding method of a construction task.

    PDF Available BIM automation in the quantities take-off would reduce changes and reworks that effectively improves the take-off item including the item description, quantity, unit of measure, unit price, and extended or total price. An essential guide to any quantity surveyor, architrect or engineer Taking off quantities: Civil Engineering demonstrates, through a series of detailed worked examples from a range of civil engineering projects, how the measurement techniques are actually used.

    All works shall be measured subject to the following tolerances. This book provides a thorough understanding of the general principles of measurement for taking off quantities.

    Accuracy and completeness are critical factors in all cost estimates. Trick of the Trade 1: To find the length of Excavation — Be careful to fully understand what the given dimension are measuring. We are not objecting the normal way of taking-off the quantity and estimation, as pdf software or manually takeoff can also perform a good job equally fairly.

    Now a day Quantity surveyors in industry, they have varies qualifications. Dimensions shall as far as possible be given in the following sequence: 4. Here is how it works. The Quantity Surveyor should then complete the draft Cost Plan based on these assumptions for circulation to the Employer and the Design Team for review.

    These publications do not explain the taking-off process. An estimator could type all of the necessary information in each cell. For various civil engineering projects like road work, irrigation canal project, tank survey, earth moving, etc.

    The process of outputting a quantity take-off is cyclical to match the design submittal requirements. QSPlus International effortlessly prepares cost plan estimates to all levels of detail, so you can present the elemental cost plan in various formats.


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